Tanning can be such as pain. Typically, you exfoliate before your arrive, and if you are very dedicated, you start the exfoliation process 48 hours prior to application. Then, you must arrive at your appointment free of all make up, lotion, or other skin applications. The skin needs to be clean and pure in order to get an even tan. An experienced person knows to wear dark clothing to the salon because following application the color can bleed onto clothing. Hopefully you don’t have light cloth seats in your car!

Let us take the inconvenience out of sunless tanning!

Solace Tanning will bring the sunless tanning to your home, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of making it into the tanning salon. We will set up a tanning tent in any available room in your home, and you can have your tan applied from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits to at-home sunless tanning:

  • same cost
  • no risk to your vehicle
  • don’t have to leave the house
  • easier to wear loose clothing post-application
  • convenient
  • relaxing
  • can be done with friends (multi-tent or consecutive)

Our tans are beautiful.

Don’t be embarrassed by a two-week orange skin color. Our tanning serum uses quality, organic ingredients that penetrate the skin with a golden brown hue that looks like you’ve been at the beach all summer without the risk of sun damage. Our products have a pleasing aroma, they leech onto clothing less than other products, and they have staying power. Some of our patrons claim their tan has lasted at the same intensity for three weeks! The fading process is very even. We do not have trouble getting repeat customers.

Have a tanning party!

Planning a group or family vacation? Just want to have some fun? Set up a mobile tanning party! We have multiple tanning tents and partner with an esthetician and a manicurist who can take care of all of your skin and nail care needs. We’ll bring the beauty products, you bring the mimosas, and we’ll have a pre-vacay party!

Why sunless tanning?

It is true that sun exposure has benefits, and prior to a vacation high in sun exposure, one may want some natural sun exposure and good sunscreen prior to the trip. However, the amount of sun necessary to get a golden tan for some is enough to cause serious skin damage, skin cancer, and in some cases death. Serious sun exposure has negative health consequences that aren’t worth the risk.

Getting a sunless tan allows you to have the appearance of a natural tan without the health consequences. Our products are all-natural, and you won’t have tan lines! It also takes time to have a natural tan, but you can have a beautiful tan within hours with sunless tanning sprays.

Tan skin is slimming, and it gives people a healthier appearance. A tan makes your swimsuit look better, and it allows one to be confident!

Email us today, and we’ll give you more information about the sunless tanning process and our mobile capabilities. Contact us here.